Best Mattresses to Suit Your Sleeping Style? Follow These Tips

Maybe you got a new mattress with outstanding reviews and still having poor sleep! The reason could be that the mattress is not complementing your sleeping style.

Sounds new? Just think about how you sleep every night!

People differ in their sleeping style and these are broadly classified as back, side, and stomach. Each of these sleeping styles has specific needs and only fulfilling those can relieve you from disturbed sleep and associated conditions. This article gives you tips on how to match your mattress with your sleeping style. Read more here:

Side sleeping

The side sleepers have more curves while sleeping. They mostly sleep in the fetal position bending their arms and legs towards their bodies. Their spines also stay curved. Because of so many curves, the side sleepers are prone to stress and pain. As such, they feel better when their body sinks to the mattress as it bends with body contour and gives the required support.

The firmness is also important for them. This depends on body weight. While a heavier person needs a firmer mattress, the firmness requirement of a petite sleeper is less than that. Latex, memory foam and pillow-top mattress with firmness ranging from soft to medium level give the best results for the side sleepers.

Back sleeping

Most of the medicos opine that sleeping on the back with the arms on the sides is the best sleeping position.  This is great to keep your spine healthy. When a person sleeps on the back, the neck, spine, and pelvis remain naturally aligned. Thus, the weight stays off from the joints and the pressure points minimizing aches and pains.

Choosing the right mattress is also important for the back sleepers. They should look for a type of mattress that provides even and consistent support. There should be no sagginess as well. Individuals with average weight should look for something from medium to medium-firm. Memory foam and latex memory foam mattress deliver the best sleeping experience.

Stomach sleeping

The stomach sleeping style has many negative points except that it might minimize snoring. Still, if you feel comfortable in this position, then correct your mattress to alleviate the negative effects. Sleeping in this position, the torso exerts much pressure on the mattress. As such one should look for a firmer mattress because it can lower the risk of developing pain in the lower back and other complications.

While firmness requirement depends on the body weight, an average weight stomach sleeper must look for a mattress ranging from a score of 5 to 7 on the firmness scale. They should also use a body pillow for better comfort. The memory from and hybrid mattresses yield good results for them.

Combination sleeping

Some people do not follow a specific sleeping style but toss and turn continuously throughout the night. They may first sleep on their back, then on the stomach and ultimately wake up on their side. Finding a mattress for them is challenging. High-quality memory foam, or latex, or hybrid mattress fit them well.