well colour me busy

I am tired of crapping on about work, but I have been so busy this week.

The training at work took out several team leaders, so only left 3 watching 80 people all day, and me alone with 40 staff at 5.30, which dwindled down to 7 at closing time.

I had this insane customer yesterday, who keeps getting his calls escalatedto team leaders. He lives in Perth. The call centre is in Perth, and right now, there’s about 20 staff who he has yelled at, abused, lost trust with *cough*, berated, threatened who want to go a lynchin. We have instead chosen to direct our ire through humour, and passing around 25 cents to each consultant he abuses, since that’s how much he wants in credit for every call he makes. In the end he wanted to speak to my manager, who invited him to exercise his choice, and find a suitable telephone company to use. Apparently now he thinks we are good. Sigh.

Got into a discussion with someone about secret crushes on whirlpool last night. We all have em, and despite the fact that I have someone, I still have a girly crush on forum poster, cuz they are just so bright, their comments are pithy and humour is very sharp. So I wondered, if I have crush on someone, does that negate MM. So I discussed this with a gaggle of girls at work today, and we decided, that a crush is a crush. It’s not bad thing.  then we started gossiping about the new hot guys in sales, oh and a hottie in C.Care (where we were)  and yes.. lost track of the discussion.

So finally, back to something with work, we have to do this 360degree feedback thingy. I was very honest with one particular TL – because he needs to change one thing in particular, stop taking feedback on consultants as personal attacks on himself. We all get defensive about our staff, but sometimes, actually quite a few times, the feedback has merit.


I decided to write about blogfights!

I got involved in one without meaning to. I commented on Lost Legionary’s blog (good read for those of us who are lefties) about a post he made about some dude TFS (who i think is a whirlpool user aswell). TFS has closed his blog once more due to blog stalkers.

We all have them in various forms, I don’t have a huge readership so I get all emo and no one laughs at me. Well not that I know about, but I do have some people who dislike me, reading my blog. Or those who are trying to find out more about my personal life. I basically said he needs to get over it.

Anyways, he cracked a sad at me, At legionary, for commenting about his blog closure, apparently we aren’t entitled to have opinions or make judgements blah blah.

He needs to grow up. We blog, it’s a community and like I tell others who use IRC and bitch about people taking part in public conversations, and you see it in various forums around the place, if he doesn’t like it, he can just ignore it.

overcoming a fear

not sure what i am going to post here today.

lets think of a childhood story. oh yes, i know.

I have an ear problem at the moment, and i refuse to go to the doctors about it. They want to syringe my ear, and i have a pathological fear of anything going into my ears.

It’s my childhood bad story. I had an ear infection when i was 10, mum thought that she would help, and warm up some oliveoil and put in my ear to warm up the wax.. slight problem, it was too hot.

Instead.. my eardrum was burnt. I screamed and screamed and mum took me to the hospital to fix up the burn in my ear, and now I can’t stand anything going near my ear.


However, I have to put these drops in my ear to try and fix the problem.. and i sit there and whimper and whine as i put eardrops in my ears and sound like a dick because of that fear. I have to get over it. 

Unnecessary Fears

I can’t think about things I want to write. So I will write here and there snippets of life that I have experience. I spoke in a previous post about my irrational fear of having anything put in my ear, well.. I have another fear I can talk about.

My fear of spiders.

i can pinpoint when that one occurred to when the family moved to Narrogin in South West of WA (in the wheat belt) and we lived on a farm.

This was an awesome lil farm, we grew our own vegies, strawberries and fruit. We had a paddock or two to play in, and there was a little creek running through the property, where we used to collect mushrooms and look for yabbies, and in summer we would go swimming in the deepest part of the creek as it was nice and cool.

One night, when we were watching Buck Rogers of the 25th Century (going back to about 1981, i think) We were in the lounge room, and i turned to look at mum, and saw this enormous spider sitting right next to her head. Well the innocent 7 yr old at the time says.. “mummy, what is that next to your head?” and mum turned and looked and then she screamed so loudly that both my sister and I got a fright and started screaming too.

So after we finished screaming, mum had run off to the bathroom in tears, and Dad had removed the spider, I somehow managed to collect my self.

How much was I scared of spiders really didn’t surface again till I was a teenager, when I was at my boyfriends house and we were going through a bunch of motherboards and stuff for computers and this big huge wolf spider was sitting on a board. I freaked out, and ran into the toilet and locked the door. His friends shoved the spider under the door and was running around, and i was standing on the toilet in screaming  hysterically. Eventually after everyone stopped laughing they realised I was still screaming and had to break down the door to rescue me. (sigh)

I made such an dick of myself.