overcoming a fear

not sure what i am going to post here today.

lets think of a childhood story. oh yes, i know.

I have an ear problem at the moment, and i refuse to go to the doctors about it. They want to syringe my ear, and i have a pathological fear of anything going into my ears.

It’s my childhood bad story. I had an ear infection when i was 10, mum thought that she would help, and warm up some oliveoil and put in my ear to warm up the wax.. slight problem, it was too hot.

Instead.. my eardrum was burnt. I screamed and screamed and mum took me to the hospital to fix up the burn in my ear, and now I can’t stand anything going near my ear.


However, I have to put these drops in my ear to try and fix the problem.. and i sit there and whimper and whine as i put eardrops in my ears and sound like a dick because of that fear. I have to get over it.