I decided to write about blogfights!

I got involved in one without meaning to. I commented on Lost Legionary’s blog (good read for those of us who are lefties) about a post he made about some dude TFS (who i think is a whirlpool user aswell). TFS has closed his blog once more due to blog stalkers.

We all have them in various forms, I don’t have a huge readership so I get all emo and no one laughs at me. Well not that I know about, but I do have some people who dislike me, reading my blog. Or those who are trying to find out more about my personal life. I basically said he needs to get over it.

Anyways, he cracked a sad at me, At legionary, for commenting about his blog closure, apparently we aren’t entitled to have opinions or make judgements blah blah.

He needs to grow up. We blog, it’s a community and like I tell others who use IRC and bitch about people taking part in public conversations, and you see it in various forums around the place, if he doesn’t like it, he can just ignore it.