well colour me busy

I am tired of crapping on about work, but I have been so busy this week.

The training at work took out several team leaders, so only left 3 watching 80 people all day, and me alone with 40 staff at 5.30, which dwindled down to 7 at closing time.

I had this insane customer yesterday, who keeps getting his calls escalatedto team leaders. He lives in Perth. The call centre is in Perth, and right now, there’s about 20 staff who he has yelled at, abused, lost trust with *cough*, berated, threatened who want to go a lynchin. We have instead chosen to direct our ire through humour, and passing around 25 cents to each consultant he abuses, since that’s how much he wants in credit for every call he makes. In the end he wanted to speak to my manager, who invited him to exercise his choice, and find a suitable telephone company to use. Apparently now he thinks we are good. Sigh.

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Got into a discussion with someone about secret crushes on whirlpool last night. We all have em, and despite the fact that I have someone, I still have a girly crush on forum poster, cuz they are just so bright, their comments are pithy and humour is very sharp. So I wondered, if I have crush on someone, does that negate MM. So I discussed this with a gaggle of girls at work today, and we decided, that a crush is a crush. It’s not bad thing.  then we started gossiping about the new hot guys in sales, oh and a hottie in C.Care (where we were)  and yes.. lost track of the discussion.

So finally, back to something with work, we have to do this 360degree feedback thingy. I was very honest with one particular TL – because he needs to change one thing in particular, stop taking feedback on consultants as personal attacks on himself. We all get defensive about our staff, but sometimes, actually quite a few times, the feedback has merit.