Expert Advice to find the Best Mattress for Singapore Couples in New Homes

If you are choosing a mattress on your own, it would like a walk in the park. But, when you sleep with your spouse, you must consider several factors. You are lucky if you and your partner have the same needs! But this rarely happens in real life. Different individuals always tend to have different perceptions of comfort. So, you must strike a balance. And finally; the mattress you choose must be congenial to your conjugal life, that would be the best mattress choice for you and your partner.

Major factors to consider

1. Sufficient space

Bumping into your partner is the last thing for comfortable sleeping. A couple’s mattress must have plenty of space. It should be a king-size ideally. When there is space crunch, a queen-size mattress could be the alternative.

2. Weight limit

The weight limit is a vital mattress characteristic exceeding the limit is sure to damage the mattress. Although it varies between brands, the king-size and queen-size mattresses usually have a weight limit of 600 pounds or so. As such, the couples must ensure that their combined body weight is not more than the specified limit.

3. Motion transfer

The mattress you pick should not cause any spouse disturbance. If changing sleep positions and getting in or out of the bed disturbs your partner, it is a great disadvantage. So, you should get one that has the least motion transfer. Latex and memory foam mattresses are the best for this. Also, try to get a thicker mattress. It will tend to reduce the motion transfer further.

4. Firmness

Firmness denotes how soft or hard the mattress is. Such feelings depend on various things like weight, height, and sleeping style of the person. Usually, couples with different firmness need compromise. But this is difficult when the needs vary significantly. In such case mattresses with split or dual firmness level lets them sleep comfortably without compromising health.

5. Responsiveness

Romance is obvious when you sleep with your spouse or partner. The mattress you choose should be able to distribute your weights evenly without any sagging. There will be no unwanted pressure point and making movements will be easier.

Be sure that the mattress is not too soft to make your movements difficult. It must have a good cushioning effect and be reasonably firm to produce good bouncing. The edge support should also be strong.  The thumb rule is to have a medium-firm mattress. Latex or memory foam mattresses with innerspring coils are perfect for an enjoyable conjugal life. 

6. Noise

Some innerspring mattresses tend to be noisy and squeaky. Avoid those. The mattress you choose should be able to bear weight silently. This will help you to be intimate in a discreet way.

Some useful buying tips

Many mattress manufacturers offer sleep trials. Avail this to see if the mattress is true to what it claims and perfect for both of your sleeping needs before you go for a full purchase. Check what is covered under their warranty, especially, the sagging, replacement or repair clauses. Also, get the pillows that suit you for the best sleeping experience.