All You Need to Know About Fractured Elbow Treatments in Singapore

Elbow fracture results from a fall, when you twist your arm, or any direct impact caused on the elbow. It can also arise due to dislocations, sprains or strains of the arm. Normally, doctors perform x-rays to find the diagnosis of the fracture. At time CT scan is taken to learn more details on the issue.

The probable causes of Fractured Elbow:

There are some known types of fracture of the elbow:

The Olecranon Fracture:

The fracture is mainly displaced and can be cured by surgical intervention. The fragments of the bones are held together and aligned with the help of wires, pins as well as screws and plates.

The Radial Head and Neck Fractures:  

In this case, the intensity of the pain is worse, when the forearm is rotated up and down. It also varies on the size as well as the number of the bone fragments to figure out the overall treatment of the fracture. A complex fracture of this kind can only be treated with the help of surgical intervention which also stabilizes the fragment. In the case of various bony pieces, the radial head is either replaced or removed as well.

The Fracture of the Distal Humerus:  

This type of fracture is pretty common among elders and children. Injury to an artery and nerve can very well be linked with this type of fracture which makes the doctor evaluation very crucial. Surgical procedure is needed for treatment which involves the replacement with screws, plates for achieving stability.

Symptoms and Signs related to elbow Fracture:

Normally stiffness in as well as around the elbow area is the common sign of the fracture. Besides this bruising, pain and swelling is yet another sign to look for. In case of any injury, pop or snapping on the surface can easily be heard and felt. Sometimes the deformity which can be seen with the naked eye shows either dislocation of the elbow bone or they have moved from an actual place. Along with the elbow, numbness and weakness are also witnessed in the hands, arm and wrist.

Recommended Fractured Elbow Treatments:

There are two recommended treatments available for the issue:

Surgical Procedure:

Surgery is said to be the recommended choice of treatment in case of any instability or displacement of the elbow. The surgery procedure either removes the broken fragments of the bone or completely stabilizes it. If the fracture is open, which means the skin is broken over the fracture, immediate surgery is recommended to clean the wounds as well as bones so the chances of infection are minimized.

Non-Surgical Procedure:

When there is little chance of bones moving out or the overall position of the bone is fine, a non-surgical procedure including cast, sling or splint is done. It is pertinent to mention that for any treatment of the elbow fracture, age is usually considered in the first phase. The cast mechanism is common among children because any risk of elbow stiffness is minimum in kids. But in the case of elders, the stiffness issue is more common.

At the end of the surgical procedure, doctors recommend some exercises and massage for quick relief. Sometimes mere ice, the heat of stretching of joint at home can prove to be a helpful remedy.