Money Matters: How Much Does ACL Surgery Cost in Singapore?

ACL surgery is for everyone who has had an unstable knee that hinders them from playing their favourite sports or even doesn’t let them walk. However, if any surgeon is asked to comment on the procedure as to which people benefit the most from this process, they would highlight the following:

  1. Any adult, who is active and job oriented. Mainly someone with heavy labour work which requires them to either turn their knee more often or pivot/twist.
  2. Any active adult who is more into sports that require turning or pivoting like players playing basketball, soccer, or rugby etc.
  3. People who are older, mainly more than 50 years of age and are actively involved in playing some sports like basketball, soccer. They might not experience any degenerative change within their knees.
  4. Any adolescent or child having ACL tear. The modified and modern technology can be used to fix the injury area as well as the growth plate so chances of further injury could be reduced.
  5. In some cases when there are meniscus tears, the chance of ACL reconstruction becomes hard when the repair is also done to improve the results.
  6. Some people have ACL along with another injury, mainly the Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), Lateral collateral ligament (LCL), cartilage or menisci.

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Money Matters:

The total operating cost in both public and private hospitals vary in Singapore. The rate of the surgery in the Private hospital vary from $17,000 to $21,000 and the Public hospital is between $502 to $1,200. If talk about the government hospitals, approximate $3,950 is the total cost for the surgical procedure. In case you succeed in getting a subsidy, then it becomes $1,000 for the total reconstruction surgical costs. Sometimes after getting the Integrated Shield Plan, patients can get the cashless treatment done. In this way, they need not deposit any amount in the hospital at the time of admission.

Estimated Charges Breakdown in Singaporean Hospitals:

The cost breaks down of the surgical procedure also vary in both private and public hospitals. It involves different things, some needs to be done at the time of admission and others can be fulfilled later on. The simple breakdown is as follow:

Rates for Private sector Hospitals for Surgical Treatment of ACL reconstruction
The Fee of the surgeonBetween $8,560 to $13,000
The Fee of AnaesthetistBetween $1,605 to $2,100
The fee including other facilitiesBetween $4,300 to $6,800

Since the overall charges in the public sector hospitals are very low. But one drawback is that you have to wait for a considerable time to get this surgery done. On the other hand, the private hospitals charge more but you will be able to get the treatment done in very little time.

It is also possible that medical officers in the public sector are not that specialized or might not have performed a good number of surgeries.

It is your personal choice whether you choose to get surgery done in a private or public hospital. The article highlights cost difference and facilities difference in both private and public hospitals. The preference and choice are all yours. It is advised to get a professional opinion and consultation before making any major surgery decisions.